Hi this is punkrockangel1000 ,
I like Black Veil Brides, Degrassi ,Skins and Asking Alexandria
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Georgia Theologou

This are irk is so cool

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Reblog this if you think it is wrong to “joke” about suicide, self harm, mental illness, rape, and abuse.

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This is the title track from the band’s latest EP, ‘To The Road Or

With the help of Dan Lucas at Anchor Baby Studios we have been able to realise our perfect blend of acoustic rock and the raw busking sound we love.

If you like what you hear - this is a link to download the music from Bandcamp - we’ve set a price this time, we’re taking this recording seriously and we hope you will too.


Peace & Love, The Four Roads

I saw them in Kingston love the song and love the band they are very talented

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